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29th July, 2021


Extended grazing because of a mild Autumn has resulted in cows losing excessive body condition. Cows need to gain weight in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Dry off cows now if:
a) You are running a risk of superlevy fill
b) Cows are in poor body condition.

Scan cows now which have not been previously scanned pregnant greater than 34 days. Note that cows carrying twins from previous scans should be rechecked now.

Ensure cows are treated under veterinary supervision at drying off for liver fluke, stomach fluke and worms. Your vet should access the need for treatments.

Nutritional management of weanlings and in-calf heifers, critical at this stage of their production cycle. It will pay to isolate weaker animals, supplement diets and reduce competition in the housing environment.

It is essential that you have sufficient housing capacity for stock in all production classes. Competition for lying and feeding spaces are stressors which will have adverse effects on subsequent health and reproductive performance.

Silage analysis needed to balance dietary requirements for the transition period. You have to get this right as 80% of herd health and reproductive problems arise from transition management.