Financial Benefits

  Savings when you get a ReproDoc scan :

Uterine repair post calving Accurate heat detection Replacements Embryo death (detected) Dry off dates (correct) Accurate Foetal sexing

  1. €360 saving per cow by improving uterine involution.
  2. Accurate foetal sexing can identify valuable replacements
    with a cost saving of

    We recommend using our service to avoid the following costs:

      €300 per cow in grass-based milk production from missed heats.

         €160 per cow in a high input and high output system with year
                   round milk production from missed heats.

  1. Replacement heifers by stock bulls costs €84 per cow per year.
  2. Embryo death left undetected can cost €420 per cow.
  3. Inaccurate dry off dates can cost €300 per cow in the next lactation.

Our service will allow you to get the most from your herd, leading to the best pregnancy rates.

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