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Dr.Dan Ryan   PhD

Dr.Dan Ryan Managing Director 

Dr. Dan Ryan is a leading international specialist in reproduction in beef and dairy cattle. He has a wealth of experience, backed up by impeccable credentials and longstanding collaborations with leading universities.

In Saudi Arabia, Dr. Ryan developed evaporative cooling systems in conjunction with Arizona State University. This resulted in a 1.8 litre increase in milk production per cow per day among cows with a 9000 litre rolling herd average in a 305 day lactation. Pregnancy rates also increased from 15% to 35% to first insemination.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University, Dr. Ryan developed a system for IVF of pregnant females which increased the opportunity to harvest genetics from superior females during their life-time. Dr. Ryan continued his post doctorate at Texas A&M University where he evaluated the impact of feeding high fat diets on fertility in malnourished cows. The impact of this technology resulted in improved reproductive performance in cows which were compromised by insufficient dry matter intakes in an arid climate.

Dr. Dan returned to Ireland in 1992 to set up a programme in Reproductive Physiology at the National Dairy Research Centre in Moorepark, Fermoy, Co. Cork. He evaluated various hormonal treatments to enhance pregnancy rates in dairy cows and systems to increase submission rates and to decrease the calving to pregnancy interval.

In 1995, Dr. Ryan set up his own fertility management consultancy firm ‘Reprodoc Ltd’ which has harvested 2.5 million scans.  The objective of this service is to offer preventative health management programmes.  These programmes identify stressors in the environment which impact negatively on fertility.

This data base of 2.5 million scans has been used to develop ReproDoc Scanning Technology, RST. RST is an innovative technology is based on the  automated interpretation of reproductive scans which is stored in the icloud.

Dr. Dan has collaborated with a number of research centres such as Teagasc,The National Dairy Research Centre in Moorepark, Fermoy, Co.Cork, Munster A.I.Station, Mallow, Co.Cork, The Department of Veterinary Medicine in U.C.D., The Biomedical Centre at The University of Ulster in Coleraine, Co. Derry and The Department of Image Analysis in the Faculty of Engineering and Computing at Dublin City University.

Dr Dan now trains technicians and employs technicians to scan both dairy and beef cattle. All scanning technicians use the ReproDoc Scanning Technology (RST) to continue to deliver a service which is both accurate and reliable. It ensures the farmer gets the premium service we are proud to stand over.

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