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3rd February, 2023

Pat and Mary O Connor Banogue Co Limerick

We have been using  ReproDoc Ltd  for the past 14 years to scan our pedigree British Friesian herd in order to get accurate calving dates, identify those cows carrying twins, identify problematic cows and rectify same in order to give them an opportunity to go in calf.  We use a stock bull so it is essential that we have an assessment of bull fertility before it gets too late into the breeding season. We find that the service is spot on with the dates.

We find that May is  an excellent time to scan the dairy herd to deal with late calving cows, get an assessment of overall fertility in the herd and get accurate ageing of pregnancies.

We follow this up with an end of season pregnancy scan in September when the bull has been removed 30 days.  At that stage, we only have to scan those cows not confirmed pregnant greater than 30 days from the previous scan in late May.