Single pens VS Group pens for rearing suck calves.

A question that arises on many farms is health issues centering around young calves. As we are well aware, the ability to supply sufficient colostrum and the quality of this colostrum dictates the future ability of the calf to tolerate the risk of health disorders in the future. Major consideration is the ability of calves to cope with group management from an early stage post calving. Social order and weaker calves in a group will fail to fight for their position and face defeat in a group feeding environment.
With individual pens for calves, particularly for the first ten to fourteen days of life, it gives great opportunity for the individual weaker calf to survive optimally in the challenging environment. Some of the best stock people to care for young caves in ireland are female managers of young stock. it is their considerate opinion that individual calf pens for the first two years of life give the best opportunity for future survivability of young stock to become mature calves in the future.

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