Rolled oats in dry cow transition period works wonders with first calvers in the suckler herd.

Visiting a farm close to Conor Pass on the Dingle Peninsula for the past number of years revealed that a high % of first calvers failed to go back in calve after the first calving.

ScanSmart technology revealed why this occurred and it was not associated with fertility of the stock bull running with them but it was associated with dry cow transition management. In the fact this client had culled bulls in the past on the basis that he was subfertile as too many cows first calvers were empty.

ScanSmart technology revealed that primary concerns was semi-starvation of first calvers prior to calving in the hope of avoiding calving difficult. We advised that he feed 2-3kg of rolled oats daily, 4 weeks prior to the due calving dates.

The father disagreed but the son requested we try it for one year. The results today revealed that all of the first calved heifers went successful back in calve in 9 week breeding period.

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