Dr Dan and Aileen Ryan hosted a celebration dinner for Annette Creagh to mark her upcoming wedding. Annette has been working in ReproDoc Ltd for nearly 5 years. She was trained in house as a reproductive physiologist and is a valued member of the ReproDoc Team.
Dr Dan and colleagues showered her with gifts to mark this milestone in her life.
The whole ReproDoc Team would like to wish Annette and her future husband, Pรกdraig Walsh, happiness and good health in their married life together.

Photograph L-R
Dr John Mallon, Aileen Ryan, Lorraine Feeney, Chloe Keane, Tracy Carroll, Teresa Buckley, Annette Creagh, Dr Dan Ryan, David Mc Michael, Dr Olga O Sullivan, Diarmuid OCallaghan, David Walsh (Missing Damien Culliton)

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