Priestland Holstein herd presenting a cow with projected 305-day yield of 20,000 on twice a day milking for expo show in 12 days’ time.

Ona farm visit to Ian McClean and Sons and a Priestland herd outside Bushmills County Antrim, this pre scan herd is an exhibition of excellence of pedigree Holstein breeding management. Every cow has her own comfort zone with excellent livestock management at all stages of the production cycle. The McClean brothers have a passionate interest in the breeding of Holstein, Ayrshire, jersey, shorthorn pedigree cattle. One of the Shot.J.Rose cows presented today as a predicted 305 yield of 20,000 liters. This is on a twice a day milking system. She will be presented at the expo show in 12 days’ time.

With reference to the carbon footprint, in terms of milk production, serious consideration should be given to the type of genetics presented by the McClean brothers where animals are bred with power and survivability.

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