Pre-breed scanning is essential with the conjunction of sexed semen in maiden heifers

On calls here in Co Antrim today where clients are presenting maiden heifers with the possibility of using sexed semen. A pre-breed scan on maiden heifers on one farm identified significant reproductive problems which rendered these animals as group unfit for use of sexed semen. Some of the heifers were cycling but because of the underlying herd related problem experienced by these animals in the past, the pregnancy rate to use the of sexed semen in these heifers would be impaired. My advice to the client was to use conventional semen & avoid the risk associated with cost of sexed semen and poor pregnancy rates resulting in poor survivability of these animals into the future.

On a second call outside Armoy in Co Antrim the client presented a group of heifers which were all reproductively sound. In this case scenario advice was given to use sexed semen. The additional plus in the pre breed scan is that ScanSmart provides you with the stage of heat cycle that the heifers are in so you can manage the heifers to achieve high submission rates.

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