Expansion in dairy being severely restricted in Northern Ireland by planning regulations for slurry storage.


Farm visits in county Derry this week revealed that dairy farmers will definitely not be able to expand cow numbers on the basis of planning for future expansion being restricted by environmental odds being enforced.

  • Slurry storage, ammonia emissions, methane production within 77 km of any community setting will have to be restricted to extremely low emissions.
  • A restriction in dairy output may well align itself to the scarcity of labour that pertains on dairy farms today. A restriction in dairy output will also improve the opportunity for welfare optimization of both animals and staff on farms.
  • We need to look at the add value to dairy output from the farm by optimizing the health of the ecosystem, animals, food, and the people consuming the food.
  • There are indeed competing entities orchestrating alternative food consumption to dairy. It is in the best interest of dairy to promote the positive aspects of the quality of life for both animals and people working on the farm.
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