Early post calving womb infections will decrease both milk production and the chances of getting your cows back in calf.

• Your dairy herd now entering the second phase of the calving season. These cows will form the late calving batch and it is essential that any reproductive problems are identified early post calving.
• Womb infections or metritis as it is classically described, will decrease milk production potential by an average of 400 liters on the current lactation and reduce probability of your cows going back in calf by the order of 15%.
• In a case study in County Limerick, we recently identified using the smart scan management system that early post calving womb infections were associated with dry cow calcium management in the dry cow diet. Rectifying this situation in conjunction with a vet and nutritionist resulted in a two week turn around in terms of cows presenting with normal smart scan results.
• Many of these womb infections are hidden whereby the cow may not present with a distinct discharge from the uterus. Smart scan management system will provide accurate identification of those cows requiring regular attention.
• In conclusion, your late calvers are most likely to present with womb infections post calving and it is essential to address these now to give you some chance of optimizing milk production and reproductive performance in the current lactation.
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