Dairy Herd Work Schedule

Dairy Herd Work Schedule

In the current month we are scanning for preparation for autumn breeding.  It is now too late for pregnancy scanning.

Our workload also entails pre-breed scanning for autumn calving. Farmers are using our service to assess cows from the time they are 14 days calved to ensure that herd health is correct.  This assessment of the reproductive tract using scanning will assist you, your nutritionist and your vet to manage the cows currently in the dry cow period and early post calving period.

Farmers are also using our scanning service immediately prior to the start of breeding to identify whether cows are in their heat cycles, to identify problematic breeders in order to maximize their heat detection rate during the first 25 days of the breeding programme.

It is essential that for farmers to achieve a high heat detection rate as this is a marker of both your herd health, management and an essential ingredient in achieving an optimum calving to pregnancy interval.  Remember, Teagasc data (2010) show that every heat missed when cows are eligible for breeding costs you 250.

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