Case Study: using sexed semen in Dairy cows.

Farm visit today, to a bottle dairy farmer outside Birr, County Offaly. Eoin Lyons milks approximately 120 cows in a robotic milking system and calving cows from November through to April. In this system of production, he starts breeding in February.

Eoin uses smart scan technology from Reprodoc to identify cows suitable for breeding with sexed semen. Smart scan should be ideally used when cows are 14 – 28 days calved, and then again 40- 60 days calved to get an accurate assessment of the cows suitable for the use of sexed semen. Eoin uses this system to both identify cows suitable for sexed semen and also for deep horn insemination, knowing which uterine horn the embryo will subsequently come into after ovulation and fertilization.

In an era where Friesian bull calves are of little value it is essential to breed your replacements from the healthiest cows in the herd. Eoin uses both our information and other historical information to find health status of his cows in the selection process for the use of sexed semen.

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