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23rd February, 2019


maiden heifers1. Autumn calving cows require reproductive assessment now.  This will enable assessment of herd health status.  Action can be taken reliably on those cows not yet bred and on those cows presumed pregnant.


2. We can assist you get your maiden heifers in calf efficiently.  We can advise on deep horn AI using sexed semen to get better pregnancy rates.


calving pen3. Cow longevity begins with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy environment for birth.  Ensure you have sufficient calving pens and that they are disinfected as needed.


4. The risk of Johnes disease transmission is greatest around birth.  Reduce this risk by colostrum management, hygiene at birthing process and avoidance of calf contact with faeces.



5. Ensure vaccinations for IBR completed before cows calve when their immune system is most severely challenged.



6. We can offer you accurate ageing of pregnancies using our new ScanMan technology.  This can be done in conjunction with your own vet/technician.  Please contact us for more details.