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23rd February, 2019


Identify empty cows now.  These cows are unlikely to fit into an autumn calving programme with current milk price.  Plan on fattening these cows by either dry off now and fatten with supplemental concentrates at grass.  This will depend on the size, frame size and BCS of the cow.  Some of these cows could be slaughtered before February thereby maintaining cash flow in the business.

Is your vaccination programme up to date for IBR, Leptospirosis and Salmonella?

Use either dung or milk samples to test for risk of liver and stomach fluke, lungworm.  Treat cows accordingly.

Ensure your cows are building BCS now.  Aim to have cows in a BCS of 3.5 at 7 months of pregnancy and to maintain same until cows calve.

Supplemental concentrates are essential from now onwards for weanling and in calf heifers to ensure they achieve target stature and body weight on an age basis.

Ensure your winter facilities are power hosed and sterilised prior to housing cows for the winter months.