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23rd February, 2019

Tips for November

Ensure your cows get at least an 8 week dry cow period. This should be expanded to a 10 to 12 week period for first lactation cows, cows carrying twins and those cows with poor locomotion scores.
Address the need of your cows for liver fluke, stomach fluke and worms at the time of drying off.
Dry cow therapy including the use of intramammary antibiotics will become restricted in the future. It will be essential to optimise herd health prior to consideration of not using dry cow intramammary antibiotics.
Autumn calvers have declined in recent years in the South of Ireland. Winter milk bonuses have dictated a shorter window of opportunity to harvest winter milk bonuses.
It is essential to assess reproductive status from 14 days post calving using the Smart Scan Experience. We can identify from this scan the risk of dry cows management problems resulting in poor transition outcomes.
Remember that approximately 80% of herd health problems and future reproductive performance arise because of impaired transition management.
Winter housing facilities need to be power washed and sterilised prior to introducing cows for the winter period.