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23rd February, 2019

Tips for June 2015

Embryo Mortality has become an issue on your calving rate over the spring season next year.  It is important to address this as embryo mortality prevents cows from coming back into heat up to a period of 9 weeks.

It’s very evident from farm visits that passage rates among cows are too high.  This is associated with dietary imbalances or health issues associated with worms or fluke.  These stressors will cause impaired reproductive performance and need to be addressed now.

Are your vaccination programmes up to date?  I note that IBR is considered to be the primary case by many farmers when it comes to snotty noses and milk yield fluctuations.  However, BRSV and PI3 also cause similar symptoms and these needs to be identified if health problems persist.

Do not forget your weanling or maiden heifers in terms of weight gain and worm management.  An increasing percentage of farmers now rely on other farmers to look after their stock.  It is important that you routinely visit these farms to ensure that stock are achieving target weights desired.