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23rd February, 2019

Tips for January 2016

Dry cow minerals and vitamins need to be supplemented in dry cow diets based on requirements. Optimal transition management outcomes are dependent on same.
Scan cows now not detected in heat, which are part of your autumn breeding programme.
Scan cows bred greater than 20 days to identify cows with early embryo death and missed repeats.
Scan cows greater than 33 days served to confirm pregnancy.
Cows scanned carrying twins need to be scanned at 4 to 6 week intervals because of the increased risk of embryonic mortality.
Pregnancy sexing by scanning can be accurately done between 52 and 110 days of pregnancy.
Ensure your dry cows are not stressed due to overcrowding, poor diets, lameness or poor cubicle bed designs. This will have a negative effect on survival through the next lactation.