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23rd February, 2019


Poor quality silagePoor quality silages are resulting in many reports of retained afterbirths and sick cows in spring calvers. Address this issue as soon as possible with your dry cows by having silage analysis addressed by supplementation, with both energy and protein plus minerals.


Suckler cows managed for autumn calving need to be scanned now. You will be surprised with those cows presumed pregnant, which are either not cycling or missed heats in an AI breeding programme, embryonic deaths, or carrying twins and need supplementary management.

ColostrumColostrum management for your newborn calves is essential. Starting with dry cow management, balanced mineral and vitamin supplementation based on forages and concentrates available. Secondly, Johne’s disease is a time bomb, which can spread easily around the calving period.


Selective use of ultrasonography in herd health and reproductive management has at least a 10 fold return on investment. Make sure that you take control of management of your dairy and suckler enterprises using USART described in and