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13th June, 2021


Identify cows which are stressed because of lameness, poor body condition score or mastitis.  Address these problems as they will reduce the opportunity to detect heats and get cows in calf.
Do not forget to supplement your spring born calves at grass.  They need to achieve their desired growth rate targets as it will impact on their reproductive performance next year.
If you are getting repeated cases of mastitis and new cases on an on-going basis, check for Mycoplasma Bovis.
Ensure you get cows scanned now which have either not been detected in heat or are greater than 20 days served and haven’t repeated.  This will enable you to optimise the opportunity to get cows in calf for the first 6 weeks of the breeding season.
If using beef sires wither through AI or natural service, exercise caution in their selection based on risk of calving difficulty.