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13th June, 2021


Focus on identifying cows not confirmed pregnant which can be bred over the next 2 weeks as you will not want cows calving over Christmas.

Spring calving cows will not survive the next breeding season if current practice of grazed grass plus 2 to 3kg of ration pertains. Feed cows to yield and avoid excess body condition score loss.

It pays to prebreed scan your cows when they are greater than 13 days calved. Identify cows with problems for vet attention and those suitable for AI.

Fresh food and water on a daily basis for late calvers. Excellent financial gains to be made with these cows.

Focus on a clean deep straw bed for late calvers with adequate high quality colostrum within first 4 hours after birth.

Plan a night away towards the end of April as workload currently leaving too many farmers depressed.