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13th June, 2021

Tips For June 2016

  • It is critical to maintain pasture quality for cows at grass. Strong grass has energy value below 10 MJ. Butterfat dropping rapidly is an indicator of this type of stress. The latter type of stress  will increase embryo death in early pregnancy among cows experiencing N.E.B.


  • Maiden  heifers are currently being scanned for pregnancy to enable stock bulls to be moved back to the dairy herd.  We have noted a higher than expected incidence of prepubertal heifers  because of adverse previous experiences in early development.


  • High risk phase for later embryo death is addressed by detailed analysis of the pregnancy from day 34 of pregnancy.  The risk of pregnancy loss beyond day 34 falls below 2% except where multiple pregnancies are present.


  • Detailed ultrasonographic assessment of the reproductive tract using the smart scan experience will provide you with accurate reports to optimise the management of your herd.


  • There is a greater risk that cows with reproductive disorders will go unattended if a stockbull is running with the herd. Get your herd a smart scan experience now and reduce the number of cows culled for infertility.