Superovulation and embryo transfer in decline with pedigree beef cattle.

On calls in County Clare today, reveal pedigree Charolais and Limousin breeders presenting cattle for reproductive assessment. These breeders would traditionally have cattle presented for assessment for superovulation and embryo transfers programmes from months of November through March each year.

Discussions with breeders here in County Clare revealed that sale prices of pedigree stock do not justify routine use of superovulation and embryo transfer to generate progeny for subsequent sales. The cost of superovulation programmes and purchase of recipients etc, is proving cost prohibited. It must be an exceptional cow that justifies the use of superovulation and embryo transfer.

My advice for clients would be to use superovulation and embryo transfer to generate embryos as a safeguard in the case of depopulation with the likes of Tuberculosis or indeed an animal that is reproductively sound but the line of genetics is disappearing from the herd and the animal has proven herself in the past.

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