Rearing calves using cow’s milk with inbuilt pasteurization to protect against risk of Johne’s disease.

On a farm visit with Ian and Brian Thompson in Coolmore, Derry. This dairy farm has invested in a milk feeding system using whole milk from dairy cows including milk which can not be sent off farm for milk processing to be fed to calves.
This unit costs £8,000 pounds sterling, Brian and Ian consider it as an invaluable tool in the rearing of their calves, for both off farm sales and rearing of replacements for the dairy herd. the tank can accommodate 70 liters of milk it can be used to pasteurize milk before feeding out to the calves which is a significant preventive health management tool in the control of transmission of Johne’s disease.
Milk can be heated to a desired temperature of 36 degrees for feeding. The tank is motorized in that you do not have to push the system around the yards. There is a build in pumping system which allows milk to be pumped into teat feeders to the calves and does it at an efficient speed so that 20 calves can be fed in a teat feeder without running the risk that inadequate milk is being supplied to the calves during feeding time

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