Fertility in stock bulls impaired by lameness

On a call in Kilkeel Co Down today where stock bulls are used for breeding cows indoors for autumn calving. Stock bulls were introduced 25th November and was severely lame after a 3 day period. He was removed from the herd and new stock bull was introduced.

The client revealed he was going to get stock bull lameness problem sorted and re-introduce the bull. I advised the client that the stock bull would be infertile/subfertile for 6 weeks after initial event of lameness and not to rely on this bull. Spermatogenesis or the production of semen stops after adverse stressor such as lameness.

Therefore the bull may be agile and fit after repair of lameness problem will be subfertile /infertile 6 weeks after the initial stressor. Therefore a bull will be affectively infertile for purpose of breeding of herd if he becomes chronically lame or injured during breeding programme.

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