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28th November, 2022

Dr Dan's Newspaper Articles


Dr Dan and Aileen Ryan hosted a celebration dinner for Annette Creagh to mark her upcoming wedding. Annette has been working...
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Social isolation in rural Ireland caused in association with Covid-19.

On farm calls in counties, Leitrim, Longford and Monaghan today reveal the problems associated with social isolation. Social...
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COVID-19 will place a value on food security in the future from our beef and dairy farms.

The current outbreak panning into a pandemic globally associated with COVID-19 has shown the implications of failure to place...
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Six-week extension in the winter housing period causing significant herd health problems in County Kerry.

Farm visits today in County Kerry revealed farmers severely stressed with the inability to cope with the optimization of herd...
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Early post calving womb infections will decrease both milk production and the chances of getting your cows back in calf.

• Your dairy herd now entering the second phase of the calving season. These cows will form the late calving batch...
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Milk recording will become a mandatory process for purposes of milk sales in conjunction with antibiotic usage for dry cow therapy

On farm calls in Derry today, farmers are faced with a situation where milk recording was not an issue in the past but...
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Rearing calves using cow’s milk with inbuilt pasteurization to protect against risk of Johne’s disease.

On a farm visit with Ian and Brian Thompson in Coolmore, Derry. This dairy farm has invested in a milk feeding system using...
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Housing environment – an integral feature of heifers coming out of puberty.

  On a farm call outside Listowel today, farmer presented two batches of heifers which had been split when they went in...
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Cows scanned pregnant carrying twins can often mummify one of the calves and a single calf can be born.

The photograph enclosed is the mummified foetus born co twin to Friesian heifer calf. Smart scan previously identified...
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Herd health problems increase dramatically in spring calving herds as cows have to be housed for extended period after calving.

  Farm visits in county Cork and Limerick today reveal that farmers are unable to milk cows outdoors because of poor...
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