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23rd February, 2019

Zero grazing saves the day in wet weather

On a farm visit in County Offaly, a dairy farmer informed me with the poor weather conditions and the grass shortages on the home farm created a situation with the choice to feed silage or to graze grass from an outside farm.  However the distance involved walking cows on a public road was prehibitative.  A neighbouring farmer agreed to provide him with a service to use his zero grazer to deliver a load of fresh grass on a daily basis.  The farmer could not believe the response from the cows getting the fresh grass on a daily basis.  The cows received no setback in terms of milk production and he was able to supplement the diet to avoid any digestive upsets associated with grass supplied.  Butter fat proteins are an indicator of metabolic well- being was kept at acceptable concentrations.  The cost of cutting and drawing the grass from the outside farm one mile way from the home farm was €25 per load.