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23rd February, 2019


DryCow1. Dry off first lactation cows and older cows in poor body condition, which are due to calve in late January.


2. Autumn calving cows need to be housed now and managed on their winter diets.  Transition management of these cows on grazed grass has resulted in many metabolic problems.


Silage analysis

3. Ensure you have completed silage analysis for diet formulation of freshly calved cows and dry cows for spring calving.


4. Mineral supplementation essential for the dry cow transition period.


5. Scanning freshly calved cows at 14 to 22 days calved gives the best return on investment.  This is a biomarker of herd health management during the transition period.  This enables an early warning system for transition care of the dairy herd.  80% of herd health problems arise during the transition period.

6. Ensure diseases such as lameness, liver fluke, stomach fluke, and IBR are addressed prior to the transition phase.