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23rd February, 2019


1. Spring breeding programmes are now resulting in April calving in 2013. Do not presume your cows are in calf. Scan your cows now to identify:

  • Non-cycling cows.
  • Cows with embryonic death.
  • Undetected heats in an AI breeding programme.

2. Ensure that beef bulls used either in AI or natural service do not increase either the gestation length or calving difficulty. It is essential that the rate of uterine repair is not impaired on late calving cows.

3. With reduced milk price, the temptation to remove all concentrates from the diet is overwhelming. However, grazing conditions have been difficult in June. Cows are not happy, which we are now encountering with increased incidence of embryonic mortality. Cows can take up to 8 weeks to return to normal oestrus cycles after embryonic mortality.

4. If running a stock bull, ensure he is properly harnessed with a nose ring and chain if needed. Children are on school holidays now. They frequently bring the cows in for milking and the danger of a stock bull should not be underestimated.