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12th December, 2018


1. Grassland management needs to be excellent at this time of year to avoid poor quality pastures.

2. Do not graze too tight as this will increase stress on cows and reduce DMI. Top paddocks after grazing and remove paddocks from the rotation for baled silage to maintain high quality grass in front of cows.

3. Use ScanMan technology to identify cows presumed pregnant, which have embryonic mortality. These cows cannot return to heat and will be lost from the herd if appropriate action is not taken now.

4. Establish a cut-off date for breeding. The economics of calving cows in May 2015 are poor for grass based milk production systems.

5. It is essential that you monitor your herds health status at this time; in particular stomach worms, stomach and liver fluke, risk of IBR, RSV and Johnes’ disease.

6. Plan a break from the farm in August. It will rejuvenate you when you return to herd management in the fall.