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23rd February, 2019


1.     Ensure you dry off cows with milk.  Lactose is going to result in penalties on milk price.


2.     Prevent dry cows losing body condition score prior to calving.  This is the most important period in terms of future production potential of the herd.  80% of future production potential is dictated by management in the transition period from dry cow through early lactation.


3.     It is essential to scan both donors and recipients in an embryo transfer programme.  Donor cows require assessment both prior to and after the superovulation programme.


4.     Winter breeding programmes begin this month.  It makes economic sense to assess the reproductive status of your cows prior to breeding.


5.     The use of sexed semen in maiden heifers can result in 50% plus pregnancy rates if the nutritional and health management is correct.  However, many farmers find heat detection in maiden heifers difficult.  We can scan your heifers, identify when heifers will be in heat, and how to ensure you achieve 100% of heifers bred within 110 days.