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23rd February, 2019


Suckler Cow2

1.       Ensure dairy cows dried off with a minimum of 60 days dry off for Autumn calving.  Cows carrying twins will need a longer rest period.



2.       Suckler cows need to be weaned with a minimum 60 days before due calving date.

3.       Remove stock bulls now as there is very little sale value for late calvers after 15th May 2014.

4.       It is essential to book a USART scan for your herd now:

Twin Pregnancy Scan from Reprodoc

Twin Pregnancy Scan from Reprodoc

Age pregnancies associated with either AI or natural service.  Reprodoc can accurately age pregnancies from 21 to 110 days of pregnancy.

Reprodoc will accurately determine the sex of the pregnancies between 52 and 110 days of pregnancy.

Identify empty cows.  Reprodoc can accurately determine suitability of these cows for recycling as Autumn calvers or use as recipients in embryo transfer programmes.

5.       Identify your herd’s risk status for liver and stomach fluke and take preventative action.

6.       Identify calvers not achieving target weights for replacements next year.  It will pay to isolate these and use the “orchard garden” effect to stimulate compensatory growth.