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23rd February, 2019


calving pinsSet up calving pens for Spring calving using the ‘maternity ward’ hygiene philosophy. Focus on prevention of Johnes’ disease transmission.


Ensure a top quality dry cow mineral is fed to your cows. Get the best advice and manufacturer with the best reputation. In our opinion, Devenish Nutrition fulfil these roles with a track record in preventative health management programmes.

If you are at risk of a superlevy, there is no point supplying milk to your creamery. Many farmers in this position are retaining bull calves on the farm for feeding milk. In addition, milk is being fed to weanling heifers and back to milking cows! Get advice on diet management as you can increase the risk of mammary feet.

Autumn calving cows need to be presented for scanning now to identify problematic cows associated with either embryonic death or underlying herd health problems.

Diligent use of tail paint, tail chalk and bulls with chinball devices are aids to heat detection which need to be used with greater frequency to improve submission rates.

Avoid feeding mouldy forages of feedstuffs. These will cause both health and reproductive performance impairment.

If in doubt, stomach feed newborn calves with colostrum.