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23rd April, 2019


Silage analysis is essential to balance the dietary requirements of your cows both pre and post calving.

Avoid the risk of Johne’s disease being spread among your new-born calves. Do not bulk feed from cows to all your caves. Know the disease status in your herd by using the older cows in your herd as a biomarker for infection. Do not feed colostrum or milk from Johne’s positive cows to calves.

On the beef front, it is important to consider the use of maternal sires using AI to generate replacements for your herd.

A prebreed scan of your beef cows will identify those cows most suitable for use of AI.

Freshly calved cows need a clean environment for the birthing process, which unfortunately becomes compromised as the calving season progresses.

Neospora is the primary cause of abortion in cattle. Dogs and foxes are intermediate hosts in the spread of this disease. They have to get access to the afterbirth from an infected cow to spread the disease. Ensure you dispose of afterbirth correctly to avoid dogs and foxes gaining access to same.