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30th September, 2020

CowsDNA Testimonials

  • Kieran & his mother Marie Irwin

    Kieran Irwin farms in Ballingarry Co. Limerick

    I have been using Dr Dan Ryan’s services for the best part of 20 years now at this stage. I completely depend on the information I get from his service.

    I do 4 scans during the year. The first scan is in early April to see that every cow is cycling properly and to see where there are problems in the herd.

    The second scan is in the first few days in June. I get all cows served over 28 days, cows pregnant, late calvers and heifers. I also learn if there are any embryonic deaths from this scan.

    The third scan is in the first week of July. I get cows gone 28 days checked and also check for any embryonic deaths.

    The final scan is in mid September. I get a clear picture as to which cows are in calf or not. I get projected calving dates for the following Spring. This scan can pick up services that the stock bull would have performed that I may have missed. I may see cows on heat and yet the scan would confirm that they are in calf. Multiple pregnancies can be picked up as well.

    If I see a cow doing something unusual during the breeding season Dan and his team are always at the end of the line for advice.
    All the above information is invaluable.

  • Brendan and Felim Power

    Brendan and Felim Power farm in Ballinamult in Co.Waterford


    "I get all the information from my scan on my mobile phone. The information is invaluable and  well worth it." Brendan


    "We get the due calving dates and estimated dry off dates. What more do you want!" Felim


  • Alan O’Sullivan- Cork

    Alan O’Sullivan- Cork


    ReproDoc provides this accuracy with Scan Smart

  • Andrew Stokes

    An excerpt from an email from Andrew Stokes, Tipperary

    Dear Dr. Dan

    Just a quick note to thank you very much for your help in us achieving 50% of herd calved in 17 days. It was worth the effort last December.

  • Brian Thompson

    Brian Thompson farms a Holstein Friesian dairy herd outside Eglinton, Co Derry. He operates a milk production system with high inputs and high outputs. Also included in photo is Ruth and Scott.

    We use Reprodoc to scan our cows to ensure that they are reproductively sound for breeding.

    Reprodoc also provide us with accurate ageing and sexing of pregnancies.

    Reprodoc identify underlying herd health problems before they manifest themselves clinically.

  • David Thompson

    David  Senior, David  Junior and Stuart Thompson  farm a pedigree Holstein herd outside Strabane, Co. Tyrone.

    We use Reprodoc to assess reproductive status of cows post calving, prior to breeding and for reproductive status during the breeding programme.  Reprodoc fertility management programme is an excellent biomarker for the well-being of our herd.

    We can assess if there are underlying stressors at various stages of the reproductive cycle.

    We rely on Reprodoc to give us accurate ageing and sexing of pregnancies for when the stock bulls are running with the herd for the purpose of drying off cows and for managing cows in the close up period to calving.

  • Eric Speers, Armagh

    Eric Speers has a Holstein dairy herd outside Hamiltownsbawn,  Armagh.

    We use Reprodoc on a bi-monthly basis throughout the year, whereby reproductive problems in the herd are identified early in the breeding season which runs from January through September.

    Reprodoc  provide us with an excellent service whereby we can rely on the accurate ageing and sexing of pregnancies for the purpose of dry cow management and the culling of cows which are not suitable for breeding.

  • Glenn & Helen Mayne

    Glenn & Helen Mayne have a commercial Holstein Friesian dairy herd outside Banbridge, Co. Down.  They milk on a year round basis using AI to generate replacements.  Heat detection incorporates activity monitors as an aid in heat detection.

    We use Reprodoc at 6 week intervals throughout the year to manage our reproductive management programme.  This incorporates ageing of pregnancies, sexing of pregnancies and identifying problematic cows. We are delighted with the new reporting system which DNA provides us now.It helps us with the purpose od drying off cows saves us a great deal of time. It is a fantastic service.

  • Kieran Harty

    Kieran Harty  has pedigree Holstein, pedigree charolais and pedigree Hereford herds.  He farms outside the village of Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. He sells breeding females and stock bulls from all three herds on an annual basis.

    I took over this farm a long time ago. I have only ever  used Reprodoc  because of the following: provides reproductive management services for all of our dairy and beef stock.  Pre-breed scanning is an essential part of our business whereby all cows are assessed prior to breeding and prior to embryo transfer programmes involving superovulation of donors and synchronisation of recipients for embryo transfer. provides us with accurate ageing of pregnancy between 25 and 110 days of gestation and sexing of the same pregnancies between 55 and 110 days of gestation. enables the information collected from the scanning of cows to identify potential herd health problems.  This is an invaluable tool for the overall management of our herds.  Reprodoc provide us with an excellent reporting system following each visit which enables us to focus more on the discussion of cows presented for scanning.

  • Maurice Harty

    Maurice Harty  has a pedigree Holstein dairy herd outside Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry.  He sells freshly calved heifers and stock bulls in the autumn and spring of each year. provide us with reproductive assessment of our cows prior to breeding – early non-pregnancy diagnosis, assessment of cows with reproductive problems, accurate ageing of pregnancies in particular where stock bulls are used towards the latter half of the breeding programmes and the sexing of pregnancies which is used from management of cows prior to calving to avoid calving difficulty.  All scans are accurate which is most important. Prior to using Reprodoc, I had other men in scanning and did not get this accuracy which was a disaster.

  • Pat & Mary O’Connor

    Pat and Mary O Connor have a pedigree British Friesian herd outside Banogue in Co. Limerick

    We have been using  cowsDNA for the past 6 years to scan our pedigree British Friesian herd in order to get accurate calving dates, identify those cows carrying twins, identify problematic cows and rectify same in order to give them an opportunity to go in calf.  We use a stock bull so it is essential that we have an assessment of bull fertility before it gets too late into the breeding season. We find that the service is spot on with the dates.

    We find that May is  an excellent time to scan the dairy herd to deal with late calving cows, get an assessment of overall fertility in the herd and get accurate ageing of pregnancies.

    We follow this up with an end of season pregnancy scan in September when the bull has been removed 30 days.  At that stage, we only have to scan those cows not confirmed pregnant greater than 30 days from the previous scan in late May.