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23rd February, 2019

Simmental cow going back in calf rapidly after calving

Scanning cows in Carlingford, Co. Louth, reveals the shortest calving to pregnancy interval ever recorded. We have a system which incorporates a passport for every animal. The system provides me with information pertaining to days calved and days served and parity of the animal. In a case study on a farm in Carlingford, a Simmental cross Friesian suckler cow was presented for scanning. The cow calved 38 days previously. I was in shock as was the client, when he asked me to recheck the animal when I announced that she was 32 days pregnant. I recorded video footage of the pregnancy and the tag to the animal as substantial evidence of my observations.

Generally early ovulation from Day 10 to 15 post calving is associated with delayed uterine involution. High incidence of silent ovulation. This in my opinion is equal to a foal in heat and never recorded in my vast experience over the past 20 years.