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17th February, 2019

Scanning reveals poor oestrus detection rates and a tool for oestrus synchronisation in dairy cows

Visited a dairy farm outside Kilfinane, Co. Limerick with a Holstein dairy herd.  Adverse weather conditions have left it difficult to use tail-painting as a tool for oestrus detection.  Cows were housed indoors and the client had no option but to continue a breeding programme with cows calving into June next year.  Pregnancy rates to services over the past 2 months were poor with poor oestrus detection rates resulting in overall impaired reproductive performance.  Scanning the cows identified cows at various stages of the oestrus cycle and these empty cows will now be put on a planned breeding programme by the client to reduce days open.  Scanning therefore is an excellent tool not alone to identify empty cows but to plan a breeding programme around the information.