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23rd February, 2019

Scanning Holstein cows and maiden heifers in Co. Derry

Visited a dairy farmer in Co. Derry who presented cows for a pre-breed scan for any cows calved greater than 13 days. In addition we scanned a batch of 55 maiden heifers which were presented for scanning because they had been exposed to bulls on 2 separate occasions. The first occasion was 5 weeks ago and the last occasion was 4 days ago. Our scanning technology enabled us to identify that no heifer had established a pregnancy to natural service 5 weeks ago. However, we were able to identify 24 out of the 55 animals which had been on heat 4 days previously. The client was delighted with this state of the art technology. It gave him great pleasure to know which heifers could have gone in calf. Also we identified 2 abnormal heifers and 2 heifers which were in a pre-pubertal state and unfit for breeding.