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23rd February, 2019

Scanning cows reveals deep anoestrus in first lactation cows

Visited a suckler farm beyond Dingle, Co. Kerry where a suckler herd was presented with a range of cross-breeds.  The client complained that the late calving cows were taking too long to settle in calf. Scanning revealed that a number of the cows which had calved in the previous three months were in deep anoestrus whereby there was no ovarian activity.  This was associated with the use of heifers calved down at 2 years of age which were borderline in terms of size and the use of a continental sire for breeding to the first calving resulting in hard calvings, excessive demand on the cows in terms of uterine repair, failure of the cow to continue her normal growth.  The total metabolic load on the cow resulted in deep anoestrus and an extended calving to pregnancy interval thereafter.