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23rd February, 2019

Scanning cows for pregnancy in Co. Limerick

We had to scan 4 dairy herds for reproductive performance in Co. Limerick. The 11 week pregnancy rate for cows confirmed greater than or equal to 30 days pregnant was, 59% of 98 cows, 89% of 71 cows, 95% of 101 cows, and 97% of 74 cows from 4 dairy herds respectively. The low figure was associated with a Holstein dairy herd, with a low E.B.I below 100, while the other remaining herds had an average E.B.I in excess of 120. It transpired that these 3 dairy herds had the highest reproductive performance in dairy herds encountered to date in spring calving dairy herds this year. Also all of these clients informed me that due to adverse weather conditions their milk production was back over 20% this year compared with last year, and supplemental concentrates in excess of 400 k.g. per cow was fed in the past 5 months, over and above that fed last year.