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23rd February, 2019

Scanning cows as an option for surrogates

Embryo transfer programs incorporate the use of recipients to act as surrogate mothers. Maiden heifers are normally used for this purpose. However, the costs associated with the following
1. The cost of buying the heifers.
2. The risks of the disease associated with biosecurity.
3. The cost of caesareans and the subsequent repair of the uterine tract of the surrogate mothers can prove prohibitive.

Visited a herd where the client wanted to superovulate a Limousin heifer. This client has a neighbour who has dairy stock. The client wanted to use these dairy cows as surrogate mothers. 6 of the cows were suitable, while 4 cows were not suitable. On scanning this herd it prevented the misappropriate use of intravaginal progesterone. The other major benefit is the reduced risk of having to implement a c-section in mature cows at birth.