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23rd February, 2019

Mycoplasma outbreak on a dairy farm

On a farm visit, a client notified me at the start of the visit that he had a major outbreak of Mycoplasma and needed precautions taken which I appreciated.  We had to disinfect the probe and wear new gloves between each animal scanned.  It was a slow procedure but was in the best interest of disease spread to take these precautions.  Clinical symptoms in this herd pertain mainly to swelling from the ankle of the cow which slowly creeps up the leg and results in severe pain, lack of mobility and death of the animal.  This client had to remove over 20 cows from his herd.  The client has taken all precautions in terms of bio-security and can’t understand how the disease came into the herd.  Treatment has to be immediate and persistent over a 7 day period to gain control of the disease.  The financial loss to this client is indeed great and the worrying feature is how to contain the disease and stop its’ spread within the herd.  Calved can pick up the disease from the mucus during the calving process.  Nose to nose contact will spread the disease.