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23rd February, 2019

It pays to pre-breed scan maiden heifers

On a farm visit outside Derry City, a client wanted a batch of 60 heifers scanned prior to breeding. This client wishes to breed his heifers using sex semen. It transpired that 5 of his heifers were confirmed pregnant having been caught by a bull grazing grass on an outside farm. 15 of the heifers were in a pre-pubertal state. These heifers were of a sufficient size and weight to have cycled. It transpired that the heifers had experienced a bout of pneumonia 5 weeks previously. This event would have induced a pre-pubertal state in heifers cycling. The remainder of the heifers that were cycling were grouped into batches which would come into heat naturally over the next 3 days, or could be estrus synchronized immediately or in 6 days time. The client was delighted with the information and accepted that it would have been a major mistake to blindly synchronize estrus in his maiden heifers.