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23rd February, 2019

Is this the Worlds Most Prolific Cow?

A cow in Co. Limerick, Ireland has produced 16 calves in the past 4 years. The Guinness Book of Records states that the most live births for a cow is 5 calves. However, this cow has gone and done it twice!  The Ray D’Arcy show are running a competition to come up to name the cow!

Co. Limerick cow that produced 5 calves this week, bringing her total calves produced to 16.

The photo shows the happy cow with farmer Ger Kirby and his extended family. Also pictured is Dr. Dan Ryan in red jacket from Dr. Dan Ryan scanned this cow with a multiple pregnancy and in fact diagnosed that this cow had released 6 eggs shortly after being bred. She carried 5 of them resulting in 5 live births and one mummified foetus.

Three heifer calves and Two bull calves

The local vet Peadar Mulvihill assisted with the delivery of these 5 live calves. The 5 live calves consisted of three heifer calves and two bulls. The 5 calves born resulted from a mating with an Angus stock bull. The Angus is noted for excellent survivability in situations whereby calves are born premature.

Multiple Pregnancies

“Having reviewed the International literature for events of this nature, there is one recorded event of a cow having 5 calves from a natural birth in the 1950’s, and one cow that had 6 calves.  The Guinness Book of Records reports the most calves in a single birth as 5 calves, in Mexico in 2005 but there is no previous reported case in my opinion of a cow having multiple births on such a scale on repeated occasions” said Dr. Dan. The graph below shows the number of calves produced per lactation over the past 4 years.

16 calves born to this Co. Limerick Cow


CowDNA Managed Scanning Service

Reprodoc is a managed scanning service promoting healthy cows, healthy food, healthy you. They use ultrasonography (‘scanning’) of the reproductive tract as a biomarker of the wellbeing of a herd. Their aim is to

Maximise Profitability

  • *  Reduce the difficulty getting cows in calf
  • *  Improve the heat detection rate
  • *  Improve results from AI

“I think we can safely say that we have achieved these goals” said Dr. Dan Ryan today.

An example of a Twin Pregnancy Scan can be viewed here.

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