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3rd February, 2023

High Somatic Cell Count can cause both severe mental health stress and financial stress in dairy herd

On a call in Co Clare, visiting a client with small dairy herd of 35 cows where he informed me that in the previous 20 years, he never had problem with cell count. Last year, he had to cull 16 cows from the dairy herd because of high somatic cell count.

This created a situation where the creamery threatened that his milk would not be collected. Instead of a milk price of €0.30/litre, he only got €0.20/litre. He tried all sorts of remedies to rectify the situation, but none were successful and were at significant financial cost.

To this day he does not understand how the problem arose and how the condition should be rectified other than culling cows which were fertile and in good health otherwise.