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23rd February, 2019

Embryonic Death, Twins and Colic.

Scanned a herd of 75 dairy cows in County Waterford. Scanning cows reveals a high incidence of embryonic mortality and twinning in a herd stressed with colic like syndrome. Where 12 cows were identified with either multiple ovulations or twin pregnancies. 6 cows also presented with embryonic mortality between 25 and 30 days gestation. These figures were inordinately high for a British Friesian cross Holstein herd, with a genetic of 6 and a half thousand litres. The client informed me that 15% of the dairy herd exhibited extreme discomfort over a 2 week period, 3 weeks prior to the scan.  The colic like symptoms whereby cows neither ate or drank, had stretched themselves uncomfortably on the ground, could not be explained from clinical visiting by vets.