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23rd February, 2019

Differention of 16 pence sterling per kilogram for cattle killed in England that came from the Republic of Ireland


On a farm visit to a beef producer, outside Delvin, Co. Westmeath, who not alone has an excellent suckler herd but has an involvement in the purchase of cattle for clients for further fattening and the purchase of fattened cattle for subsequent slaughter.

This client informed me that there is a differention of 16 pence sterling per kilogram for cattle killed in England that came from the Republic of Ireland. This is on the basis of a claim that there is not traceability on cattle sourced in the Republic of Ireland. This is absolute nonsense as the Department of Agriculture in this country enforces excellent diseases regulations and traceability and would be amongst the best encountered in Western Europe.

It appears that the beef processors are using this ploy to address profitability in their own business associated with the horse dna scandal. Profit margins in beef production are indeed poor without this issue currently enforced. He also informed me of a large beef producer on the northern side of the border who purchases beef cattle in the south for further fattening on his beef units in the North and is now faced with the situation of 60 pence per kilogram discount on his cattle, sourced from the Republic, once again using the traceability issue. This is sheer discrimination and needs to be addressed immediately on the basis of a common market area in the European community.