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28th November, 2021

Our Unique Service

Dan Scanning

One of our team will scan each cow individually. The following are the scan options:

  1. Prebreed Reproductive Assessment
  2. Breeding scan-Stage of Oestrous Cycle can be determined
  3. Pregnancy Diagnosis
  4. Early Non-Pregnancy Diagnosis
  5. Sexing Of Pregnancies

Customised fertility report: The data collected is then relayed back to our centre of excellence in reproductive management in Fermoy where we amalgamate the fertility data with other bioinformatic data for the farm to generate a customised fertility report for your herd which can be discussed and acted upon  in conjunction with your vet.

We go above and beyond our competitors.

Research Collaborations:

We undertake research work in conjunction with Athlone Institute of Technology and Waterford Institute of Technology.