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23rd February, 2019

A demonstration site for the future of grass based milk production systems

Visiting clients in Co. Cork highlighted events taking place on the green field site for grass based milk production in Co. Kilkenny. The clients informed me that the calving season has begun with freshly calved cows put out to grass. However, with the harsh weather of late, there is no housing for these freshly calved cows and they are being cornered off on concrete apron area for extended periods of time and then released out to grazed grass for a short period. We have to be careful in terms of our milk production systems that animal welfare in this instance described as the basic requirement of comfort, are addressed for the animals under our care. Cows DNA recommends that all animals should be managed properly. One cannot make an assumption that the cheap option is the best option to genetically engineer a robust cow which will tolerate poor management skills and a harsh environment.